Active dynamic working

Actiforce is continuously innovating – not only in the development of new products, but also in all processes that regulate design, production and delivery of our products. We keep a careful eye on the impact of our production on the environment. Additionally, we are constantly measuring the quality of our output. The following products are only available in the selected region.

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Showing all available systems in Europe
The Aluforce Line

The Aluforce desk frames are our original family of height adjustable sit sit and sit stand solutions featuring the Vision Lift system. The Aluforce series offer you aluminum cased workspaces from single step towards a fully digital two motor high stroke frame.

The Steelforce Line

We created the steelforce series to complete our range of desk frames. Whether operated manually or silently driven by two motors the Steelforce frames stand out by the variations of columns, the absence of a crossbar and a simple, modern design.