Our Company

The Actiforce company is a family-owned business, built on the family values of honesty, transparency, creativity and of having the drive to add value where possible. As a small, yet global, enterprise we are independent and flexible. This gives us the strength to set out our own course. Our values are reflected by the people who work at Actiforce and are vitalised in their relationships with all our stakeholders.

Company Film

Some milestones

The Actiforce group links two brand-new production facilities, three product warehouses, two research and design departments, a service centre offering finance, marketing and communication to five proactive sales organisations worldwide.

Actiforce Mechatronics

Actiforce Mechatronics is our state-of-the-art manufacturing division located in Penang, Malaysia.
Mechatronics is responsible for the entire production process, from purchasing raw materials to product quality control to distribution.
Furthermore, the Actiforce Mechatronics management and team have a pivotal position in this process to ensure that our products have the best possible quality and to retain flexibility for custom orders.

Be inspired

The evolution of mankind is a story of overcoming boundaries, limitations, nature. The endeavour to adapt to the environment, to learn new skills and challenge the unknown is based solely on enlightenment by inspiration. Inspiration is the soil for art and culture. It has made men move, invent solutions of all kinds and has guided them to places no one has been before: further, deeper, faster. Inspiration is the beginning of change. It is the cornerstone of our values, it is inside all of our products. We design, produce, deliver. We are Actiforce.

The Ambition

Actiforce’s ambition is to become the market leader of quality height adjustables, aiming for total customer satisfaction.

Within our company everyone shares this ambition. It is part of our DNA. It is written on our walls and it moves us to keep on building our healthy company [financial, environmental and human capital] together.