Corporate Social Responsibility 

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Corporate Social Responsibility

We live in an ever-changing and dynamic world in which the possibilities of technology and communications keep growing on one hand and the availability of raw materials and a healthy environment come under increasing pressure on the other. This makes conducting sustainable manufacturing a precondition and requires that people and resources be utilised effectively. We feel responsible for how we treat our planet and how we pass it on to future generations. This drives us to go the extra mile to be as sustainable as possible in everything we do.

The Black Jaguar Foundation


We are a proud supporter of the Black Jaguar Foundation, an organisation that diligently fights for the restoration and conservation of the Cerrado savannah and the Amazon rainforest. One of the Black Jaguar Foundation projects focuses on realising the reforestation of the Araguaia passage. This is a 2,600 kilometre passage that connects the Cerrado savannah with the Amazon rainforest and ensures that biodiversity is maintained and potentially improved in these regions. We support the Black Jaguar Foundation because we value and respect all forms of life and are convinced that everything possible must be done to save the ‘world’s lungs’. It is, after all, vital that this region can continue to provide us with oxygen, fresh water and medicinal plants.