Care Edition

Elevate Your Healthcare Work Spaces

Medical facilities are increasingly investing in height-adjustable desks for doctors, nurses, technicians and administrative staff. The desks allow staff to be more efficient, prevent injury and promote healthier employees.

Small, mobile laptop desks are invaluable for physicians to efficiently move from one exam room to the next, with patient records at their fingertips and the ability to comfortably take notes. This allows maximum focus on patient care.

Height-flexible desks are also a smart investment for shared medical workstations, so multiple users can adjust the desk to individual ergonomic preferences, whether sitting or standing.

Administrative staff can benefit from a sit-stand desk, too. Studies show too much sitting can lead to cardiovascular disease, obesity and worse. Movement improves health, productivity and work satisfaction. But standing all day isn’t good either; alternating between sitting and standing is ideal for wellbeing.

Healthcare Staff Love Height-Adjustable Desks For…
- Efficiency and convenience of patient care
- Ergonomic = less aches and pains
- Better health and wellbeing
- Flexibility to perfectly adjust one desk used by multiple users
- Increased energy
- Increased productivity

Healthcare Work Spaces Re-imagined with Actiforce’s Line of Desks
The ideal ergonomics of the Actiforce height-flexible desk are customizable for every employee, whether sitting or standing. Either by motor or hand crank, adjust desk heights in micro-increments to the perfect position.

Actiforce desks come in several finishes, materials and color options and a wide range of sizes, from a small mobile desk to a standard-size single desk or a six-seater large group desk.

Of Danish and Dutch design, Actiforce desks are attractive, with clean lines and a variety of finishes, materials and color options.

Affordable, Durable, and Easy
Actiforce desks are high-quality, sturdy, affordable, and reliable. The components hold up to frequent use. They are easy to assemble, and our support team is available to help troubleshoot if you have any problems.

Shop for the perfect desks today or contact us to help you choose the best options.