Design & Innovation



Design discipline

When you start to observe how people use tables, you’ll soon see that everybody uses their table in a unique way – from who they are, to how they work, and what they store on it. It’s our goal to make the perfect table for every individual. Because we can’t make a billion different tables for a billion different people, instead we can create one table that is flexible, mobile and customisable to everybody’s unique needs. Good design starts with empathy. For us that means grassroots, user-based design research. Good design ends with freedom for the user. 

Achieving this requires a strict design discipline. Precise functionality brings tailored comfort, convenience and ergonomics. Detail-oriented thinking – from smart charging and customisable storage, to the range of colour palettes and scales available – keeps products flexible to multiple possibilities. Minimalism brings timelessness, sustainability brings peace of mind, while high quality materials forge products built to last.
It’s no easy feat, yet these values are embedded in every Actiforce product – uncompromisingly. An attitude that is driven by our commitment to enhancing the lives of every single individual user, and reaching as many users as possible in the workplace and beyond.



“With our customisation options and accessories you can create your ideal working environment, tailored to optimise your efficiency and wellbeing.”
 – Holger Fricke, Chief Innovation Officer


Different and better
For Actiforce, innovation is a balance of market analysis, collaborative discussion, and creativity. A specialism for workplace design means that an intuition for trends, evolution and progress is inbuilt into the identity of the brand. Always learning from users, and being closely in tune with industries and sectors including Big Tech, sustainability and health helps Actiforce stay at the forefront of progress. Workplace design is always responsive to the cues of Silicon Valley – we closely follow developments in technical equipment and adapt and evolve our designs accordingly so we are always leading the way. Yet progress – along with many other things – is meaningless without health. That’s why human health and wellbeing underpins every Actiforce product. 

"Our main focus is always the human."

For example, our classic sit-stand tables are based on medical research that outlines the health risks of sitting down at work all day. And moving far beyond a sit-stand binary, today our products actively promote healthy movement throughout the day – equipping users with radical flexibility and tools for hybrid working.
Innovation is about reaching as many people as possible with a healthy product that can enhance their lives. Our designs encourage movement, but we are also supporting the workplace health and wellbeing movement.

Anticipating evolution
Actiforce lives in the future, because that is where it’s comfortable – finding solutions to the big questions and making valuable contributions to healthy workplaces. Today, the word ‘hybrid’ is the driving force behind creating designs that are flexible, mobile, and adaptable – because hybrid workplaces are fluid, bespoke, and even unpredictable. Actiforce knows that workplace evolution always results in new pressures on individual health as we learn to adapt. That’s why designs must not only anticipate future outcomes to safeguard health, but seek to actively enhance an individual experience of the future.


 “Innovation is about being different and better. In a crowded marketplace, Actiforce’s combination of functionality, design and quality is unparalleled – and the health of the end user is our measurement of success.” 
– Roman Fenske, Designer