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Our company

Agility is a word that describes not only the products that Actiforce creates, yet also its culture. A purposefully short chain of command encourages action, movement and transparency. Prioritising equality and cross-collaboration within its own teams – across sales, marketing, R&D, engineering, manufacturing – has contributed to Actiforce’s pride in the value of each team member, the type of workplace they need, and the multi-faceted nature of modern workplace design.

Movement begins here, and the revolution is just getting started. For us today that means stepping into every type of workplace; from office, to warehouse, hospitals, kitchens and homes. We want to bring healthy living to every place of work.

Our factory

Actiforce Factory is our state-of-the-art manufacturing division located in Penang, Malaysia. The factory is responsible for the entire production process, from purchasing raw materials to product quality control to distribution. Since 2004, Actiforce has manufactured for all our international markets, creating a movement that provides solutions with constant focus and improvement on the processes for a more sustainable manufacturing to ensure we live up to people´s expectations and demands of a good partner for a better lifestyle.

Part of something bigger

Actiforce is part of Hettich Group.

Founded in 1888, Hettich is one of today’s largest and most successful manufacturers of furniture fittings on the international stage. The family owned company is based at Kirchlengern in the furniture making cluster of Germany’s East Westphalia region. Around 8.600 colleagues work together to deliver our future proof solutions to over 100 countries. Promising “It’s all in Hettich“, the Hettich brand provides a comprehensive portfolio of services that is consistently and resolutely geared to the needs of customers across the globe. By tradition, top priority has always been at the focus of everything we do to ensure sustainability at social, societal and ecological level.