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Tables for care

Medical facilities are increasingly investing in height-adjustable desks for doctors, nurses, technicians and administrative staff. The desks allow staff to be more efficient, prevent injury and promote healthier employees.

Small, mobile laptop desks are invaluable for physicians to efficiently move from one exam room to the next, with patient records at their fingertips and the ability to comfortably take notes. This allows maximum focus on patient care.

Height-flexible desks are also a smart investment for shared medical workstations, so multiple users can adjust the desk to individual ergonomic preferences, whether sitting or standing.

Ideal for wellbeing

Administrative staff can benefit from a sit-stand desk, too. Studies show too much sitting can lead to cardiovascular disease, obesity and worse. Movement improves health, productivity and work satisfaction. But standing all day isn’t good either; alternating between sitting and standing is ideal for wellbeing.

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