Education Edition

Elevate Your Students’ Learning Space
Your students’ learning comprehension is top priority. Yet they live in a world where they are more sedentary and easily distracted, hardly ideal for the best learning. Height-adjustable desks can change that.

Studies show that students who stand during class are more focused, engaged, and have less pent-up energy. Alternating periods of sitting with standing is ideal for learning and wellbeing.

That’s why schools are investing in height-adjustable desks, whether equipping each classroom with a few desks or outfitting the whole school. Standing actually helps kids learn and improves their health.

Teachers and staff can also benefit from standing during the workday, creating healthier educators and better work satisfaction.

The Benefits of Height-Adjustable Desks For Students
- Improved focus and attention
- Better classroom engagement
- Increased health and wellbeing
- Better posture
- Improved learning

Learning Is Re-imagined with Actiforce’s Line of Desks
The ideal ergonomics of the Actiforce height-flexible desk are customizable for every learner, whether sitting or standing. Either by motor or hand crank, adjust desk heights in micro-increments to the perfect position.

Actiforce has a desk to accommodate all ages and sizes of learners, whether it be K-12 or adult.

Actiforce desks come in several finishes, materials and color options and have a wide range of sizes, from a small mobile desk to a standard-size single desk or a six-seater large group desk.

Affordable, Durable, and Easy
Actiforce desks are high-quality, sturdy, affordable, and reliable. The components hold up to frequent use. They are easy to assemble, and our support team is available to help troubleshoot if you have any problems.

Shop for the perfect desks today or contact us to help you choose the best options.