Spaces for people


We believe that the future of spaces should be designed to be flexible and adaptive to the changing needs for people. 
Creating workspace solutions that covers all needs brings challenges for any interior designer of today. 

Riding the wave of the workplace revolution, our goal is to bring more movement to the workday –
whether it’s through a healthy sit-stand desk or a hybrid working day that enables a healthier work-life balance.

Embrace the Future of Office Spaces

With the Elements collection, you can enjoy the future of ergonomics and flexibility. 
The smart design of the Elements products gives you everything you need for the ideal workspace.
At home and at your office. 

Health Overrides all 

That’s why health is the starting point for every Actiforce product. By ergonomically fine-tuning each product to the human body,
designs become extensions to the body itself – uniquely dynamic, flexible and fluid. When it comes to
health, there’s no time like the present to get your priorities in check.

On the move?

ActiCase complement the modern office where people do not have their own desk. 
They need a sollution to bring their office anywhere. 

ActiCase is the answer.