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Technical purchaser

Agility is a word that describes not only the products that Actiforce creates, yet also its culture. A purposefully short chain of command encourages action, movement and transparency. Prioritising equality and cross-collaboration within its own teams – across sales, marketing, R&D, engineering, manufacturing – has contributed to Actiforce’s pride in the value of each team member, the type of workplace they need, and the multi-faceted nature of modern workplace design.
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Position: Technical Purchaser
Penang, Malaysia


Job Objectives

To leverage technical expertise and procurement acumen in efficiently sourcing, negotiating, and procuring high-quality technical products, components, or services for internal and external. Aiming to contribute to the organization’s success by ensuring optimal value, cost-effectiveness, and adherence to technical specifications. Committed to fostering strong supplier relationships, maintaining compliance with industry standards, and driving continuous improvement in the procurement process.


Roles and Responsibilities

  • In charge of daily operation routines such as planning, issuing Purchasing Order (PO)and monitoring as well as ensuring PO progresses from placement of order until delivery on time (OTD)
  • Gather supplier performance data based on the established KPIs and weekly evaluate supplier scorecards with Actiforce standard on quality, delivery, pricing and rate supplier performance systematically.
  • Capable of resolving issues related to quality, service and invoicing with suppliers.
  • Identifying and qualifying suppliers capable of meeting the technical specifications and quality standards required by the organization, to implement a global strategy for competitive materials sourcing.
  • Assessing the technical capabilities of potential suppliers, including their manufacturing processes, quality control measures, and adherence to industry standards.
  • Take up the lead in clearing material specification – Transferring technical requirements and collaborating closely with technical teams and vendors to understand their specifications, ensuring adherence to task timelines.
  • Identify, negotiate, and ensure compliance with contract and agreement terms with suppliers to secure favorable terms, pricing, service, technical specifications, quality standards, and delivery schedules are met.
  • Providing feedback to technical teams regarding market trends, product availability, and any potential technical challenges.
  • Conducting periodic audits of suppliers to ensure compliance with technical and quality requirements.
  • Analyzing costs associated with technical components or materials and identifying opportunities for cost savings without compromising quality.
  • Staying informed about technological advancements and trends relevant to the products being procured.
  • Conducting market research to identify new suppliers, technologies, and cost-effective solutions.
  • Assessing and mitigating risks associated with the technical aspects of procurement, such as changes in technology, supply chain disruptions, or quality issues.
  • Providing regular reports on procurement activities, including technical performance metrics, to relevant stakeholders.
  • Ensuring that all procurement activities comply with relevant industry standards, regulations, and legal requirements.
  • Participated in strategic sourcing initiatives, identifying opportunities for process improvements and efficiency gains in the technical procurement workflow for existing parts with suppliers to enhance overall procurement efficiency.
  • Flexibility and undertake any other ad-hoc duties as assigned by management.
  • Review, compare and verify the quotations from suppliers to achieve the most competitive pricing.
  • Serve as a confident, reliable, and friendly representative of the company when interacting with external parties, including suppliers and vendors.
  • Address and resolve issues related to quality, service, and invoicing with suppliers to maintain a smooth supply chain for internal and external.

The above responsibilities are not exhaustive and other duties may be added from time to time.


  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent


  • Preferred at least 3 years of experience in sourcing or related role.


  • Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Presentation and SAP knowledge is preferred.
  • Having mechanical knowledge on items such as sheet metal & plastic injection moldings
  • Strong procurement skills, including the ability to source, negotiate, and contract for mechanical goods and services.
  • Ability to interpret drawing and work with technical specifications related to mechanical components, machinery, or equipment.
  • Understanding of supply chain management principles, particularly as they relate to the procurement of mechanical components.
  • Must possess strong attention to detail, confidence, and effective communication skills, both verbal and written, to collaborate with technical teams, suppliers, and other stakeholders.
  • Effective multitasking skills and the ability to take on additional responsibilities as required.
  • Demonstrates discretion, confidentiality, independent judgment, and professionalism.
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision and guidance, exercising discretion and independent judgment.
  • Working knowledge of productivity tools, including Microsoft Office products and Teams conferencing software
  • Smart, Self-organize and structure, independent, self-motivated, and negotiable skill.
  • Hardworking and meticulous with a positive attitude.
  • Able to work well under stress in a fast-paced environment. –
  • Managing multiple tasks and ensuring on-time delivery requires excellent time management skills.
  • Strong data analysis and technical knowledge to identify areas for process improvement within the purchasing function, supplier performance and market conditions and implement changes as needed.


If you see yourself in this position and would like to join the Actiforce team, please send your application, CV and other relevant information to: